Examples of thesis written on the basis of journal papers

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In the following I’ll show some examples of PhD thesis that were written using journal papers.

Please check the examples below and verify how the authors constructed their originality claims. There is no single way to do it.

Also have in mind that each University has a thesis structure requirement, and it may vary greatly. Check it with your supervisor.

Consider dividing the document into:

  • general introduction (justification, motivation, related works review, originality claims/contributions)
  • background (methods that you use off the shelf and do not constitute original contributions, though necessary to make your thesis self-contained)
  • contributions (as many chapters as you can write on the basis of the papers you have submitted during your thesis development - the most important part os your thesis)
  • general conclusions (final remarks and future research directions)


Working on individual papers is important as it allows one to focus on specific contributions as the doctoral study progresses.

It helps to plan and conduct research in the short and long terms, and also communicate it to the community and maximize its impact.