Class Notes

Support for courses, MEC2358, ENG1718, 2021

Here you can find the link for the class notes (in Portuguese) of the courses that involve modeling and control of dynamical systems.

Control of Mechanical Systems

Graduate Course (taught yearly during the 1st semester), MEC2358 - CONTROLE DE SISTEMAS MECANICOS, 2019

Master the skills necessary to design closed-loop systems tipically found in mechanical applications such as servomechanisms and vibration mitigation.

System Identification

Graduate Course (taught yearly during the 2nd semester), MEC2015 - SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION, 2018

Learn how to build your own data-driven models using classical and machine learning based methods.

Dynamic Systems Modeling

Undergraduate course (taught every semester, in Portuguese), ENG1718 - MODELAGEM SISTEMAS DINAMICOS, 2018

Gather the concepts and tools for simulating multiphysics integrated systems using classical methods and the language of Bond Graphs.