Control of Mechanical Systems

Graduate Course (taught yearly during the 1st semester), MEC2358 - CONTROLE DE SISTEMAS MECANICOS, 2019

Master the skills necessary to design closed-loop systems tipically found in mechanical applications such as servomechanisms and vibration mitigation.


The goals of the course are to get proficient with

  • The design of linear control loop systems using frequency and time domain methods
  • Model predictive control for nonlinear systems and its hyerarchical formulations

in applications typical of Mechanical Engineering, such as servomechanisms and vibration mitigation.


  • Representations for linear and nonlinear dynamic systems
  • Analysis of dynamic systems
  • Root locus
  • Pole placement
  • Model predictive control
  • Mechanical Engineering applications of feedback systems


The evaluation will be

  • Written exams
  • Final project (presentation + report)


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Invited Talks/Seminars

Eng. Reneu Andrioli (Embraer): Modelagem e Leis de Controle de Sistemas Aeronáuticos

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