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Getting started with Machine Learning

5 minute read


If you are interested in Machine Learning you will find a lot of content online about it. I give below some content I find most appropriate to start to code and generate results.

[PT] Passo a passo para redigir a proposta de tese de doutorado

23 minute read


A proposta de tese de doutorado consiste basicamente em um plano de pesquisa e idealmente inclui resultados preliminares. A etapa de preparação de pesquisa é uma das mais importantes e difíceis durante o curso de doutorado.


How to write a scientific paper

16 minute read


This post is dedicated for students that wish to publicize their own research work by means of a scientific paper.

How to read a scientific paper effectively

4 minute read


It is very important to learn how to read a paper. This is something you will do for the rest of your life as a scientist, so it is better that you learn how to do this effectively as we’ll discuss some tips next.

Learning git

1 minute read


If you are an Engineer in the XXI century you should know about git.